Featured Speakers

Stephanie March

Stephanie is an actress, travel writer, and activist who is best known for the 8 seasons she portrayed ADA Alexandra Cabot on Law&Order: SVU. She has appeared on and off Broadway and in a number of independent films and television shows including Mr. & Mrs. Smith, The Invention of Lying, 30 Rock, Grey’s Anatomy, and Happy Endings. She is the co-founder of the newly opened makeup salon Rouge New York (pictured with her co-founder Rebecca Perkins). Stephanie is a contributing editor to the online travel magazine, FATHOM and is a proud board member of both Safe Horizon and OneKid OneWorld. She is also advocate in the state of Texas on behalf of Planned Parenthood. She is a graduate of Northwestern University and resides in NYC with her husband, Bobby Flay.

She eats well.

Geoff Bartakovics

Geoff is the co-founder and CEO of Tasting Table (http://TastingTable.com), the premier gourmet digital publication. He launched the brand in 2008 to engage the growing national audience of food and drink obsessives. Today, Tasting Table reaches millions of foodies daily. Previously, Geoff was a Business Manager at UBS Investment Bank. He currently advises a number of other start-ups, including Trigger Media, Inside Hook, PureWow, Virtru, Pixafy and Gathered Table. He studied English literature at the University of Chicago, and studied comparative literature and philosophy at the University of Hamburg as a Fulbright Scholar. Geoff is an obsessive dinner party entertainer and

a serious home cook.

Rupa Mehta

Rupa began her entrepreneurial business venture at the age of 23 with the vision of creating an environment that emanated the feeling she had around her mom– a feeling of being accepted, encouraged, nurtured and challenged. After graduating from NYU’s Stern School of Business and studying Pilates, Yoga and Lotte Berk, Rupa’s signature fitness class, the Nalini Method, was born.  In 2010, Rupa wrote her first book Connect to Your One. After years of training New Yorkers, many with an obsession about their physical weight, she felt compelled to address the discrepancy between physical and emotional weight. With a deep desire to share her vision with the world, Rupa has partnered with Mayor Bloomberg and NYC Service to spread health and wellness with children in inner city schools.